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Why Buy a Hire Boat?

Ex hire boats for sale from Reflections Hire Boat Sales

Are you considering buying a hire boat, but not sure what the benefits are?

If you buy a hire boat from Reflections Hire Boat Sales, you can be sure that all of our boats are subjected to a thorough inspection and schedule of maintenance on an annual basis whilst in service. In addition and before any boat is handed over to a customer, the boat will undergo a special handover inspection before you take ownership of the boat. As a summary, we have compiled our 5 good reasons for buying a hire boat from Reflections Hire Boat Sales:

  1. All the cruisers that we have for sale are currently in commission as part of the Herbert Woods hire fleet in Potter Heigham.  Herbert Woods is one of the oldest established boatyards on the Norfolk Broads and has been operating a hire fleet since 1926.  Herbert Woods are members of the British Marine Federation and Broads Hire Boat Federation and take an active part in promoting Broads boating holidays and safety afloat.
  2. Whilst they are used for more hours each year, hire cruisers are better maintained than most privately owned boats.  Maintenance on the boats is always carried out by qualified marine engineers and boat builders, so they are not subject to any amateur ‘do it yourself’ work. At Herbert Woods every boat is correctly ‘laid up’ out of season and is taken out of the water each year and put through the workshops for a number of weeks – enabling the stern gear to be thoroughly checked, the hull re-antifouled and any worn items replaced. During the season the engine, drive train, fixtures & fittings are checked and serviced, plus the interior and exterior are cleaned, every week.
  3. Before every boat is handed over to its new owners it will be checked through out of the water in the Herbert Woods workshops.  This will include a full engine, drive train and stern gear check.  All pumps, appliances, heating, lighting, etc. will also be checked, so that when the boat is handed over everything will be in working order. Whilst the boat is out of the water all decals and external names will be removed and the hull and superstructure cleaned.
  4. All boats are sold with a current Boat Safety Scheme Certificate which is valid on all UK inland waterways.  All boats are also sold with a Broads Authority river toll licence which is paid and valid up until the next 31 March.
  5. VAT is included in all our prices.  If you are registered for VAT you should be able to reclaim the 20% in full.